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INL sTaTbOy! Archives

The sTaTbOy! Archives contain all sorts of information about and statistics on games, teams, and players of past and current INL seasons.

INL Hall of Twink and Rewl

Which players are the best of the best (or the worst of the worst)? Browse through the All-time Individual Records and other interesting statistics gathered since the Fall 1993 season. The current season statistics are not represented.

Pre-sTaTbOy! years

Information is available for the following seasons:

Andy Mueller years

Greg Dearing year

Dave Ahn year

Jan Sandorf years

History of the sTaTbOy! Archives

The information here, particularly the early history, may not be entirely accurate. -Dave

The INL sTaTbOy!'s have been archiving statistics on games ever since the conception of the INL in probably Fall 1991 or Spring 1992. Initially, basic statistics, such as roster lists and team rankings/polls, were recorded each season. I'm not even sure if the currently available statistics (such as Passing Wind's PWstats) were in existence back then, and it seems likely that the sTaTbOy! title and responsibilities were not seen as a separate "entity" from the INL and INL Council.

In Fall 1993, Andy Mueller was officially granted the sTaTbOy! title, and he expanded the archive to include PW statistics, game results, official and unofficial rankings, and other information, such as season schedules and team roster lists. The sTaTbOy! archives were probably accessible only through FTP initially, since the World Wide Web was still in its infancy.

Around this time, King Crimson wrote and submitted KCstats package to the sTaTbOy!. This KCstats package parsed the PWstat results of each game and organized the statistics on a per-individual basis. I'm not sure if this package was available to Andy, but it was available to his successor.

Greg Dearing (Porkchop) took over the prestigious title in Spring 1995. During his year, Greg invested a lot of time to make the sTaTbOy! archives more useful and less time consuming. There were modifications and additions to the existing polls, some of which were based on ranking formulas discussed on the Usenet newsgroup The process of adding official game results to the archives became almost completely automated. To make the statistics more readily accessible in a more visually appealing manner, Greg placed the archives on the World Wide Web. Due to time constraints, however, he retired from his esteemed position in Fall 1995, thereby passing the torch to me, Dave Ahn.

Since Sept 1995, I've expanded the sTaTbOy! archives to include game summaries, recordings, and images. In Jan 1996, the INL Home Page and the sTaTbOy! archives were merged and Jan Sandorf took over.

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