INL sTaTbOy! - Hall of Twink and Rewl

INL Hall of Twink and Rewl

The Best of the Best and the Worst of the Worst. The following records and statistics have been compiled from all available PW statistics in the sTaTbOy! archives. Due to some missing statistics (particularly from the first years of INL), some of these records may not be the best ever achieved in the INL.

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All-time INL Records by PW Statistic Category

All-time King Crimson Style Statistics

The following King Crimson Statistics rank all individuals with over 30 minutes of INL play time since the Fall 1993 season. The overall basing scores use Erik Lauer's formula.

  • TOP Overall INL Players

  • Overall Basing Scores (lasting at least 30 minutes)

    Top score lists in each PW-style Statistic category