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Netrek Leagues and Clue Games

Netrek games essentially fall into two categories, "pickup" and "clue" games. Pickup games are played on public servers with players that are rotated in and out as they come and go. Because pickup games are less organized and cooperative, they are also less competitive. While pickup play can be fun and exciting, organized clue games bring a whole new level of enjoyment and competition to Netrek.

Clue and League games are typically reserved for veteran players who have logged hundreds, often thousands of hours on pickup servers. But newer pickup players are usually encouraged to try a few clue games and maybe even enter one of the Leagues. However, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette before joining up.


The best place to start becoming "clued" is to read, practice, practice, ask, and practice. There are many guides available at the Beginner and Clue Guides sections that aim at helping you improve yourself. Once you think you are ready, join the clue mailing list and play on a few organized games.


Sometimes a bunch of people will band together to form a team. Then they'll arrange to play other teams, or call a clue game where their team takes on the World. The clue mailing list will tell you where and when to trash those uppity punks.


When there are enough teams around, say five or more, a league is formed and there's a season of play. There hasn't been league play in a number of years, but we hope there will be again some day.


See the League History pages for information on past season records, scores, and statistics on various leagues, including the International Netrek League (INL), World Netrek League (WNL), European Netrek League (ENL), International Netrek Hockey League (INHL), and the Paradise Netrek League.