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The Netrek COW client

There are a number of Netrek clients available for Linux. COW is the most actively supported and developed. If you are interested in clients besides COW, we've got a page full of them. See the following table for instructions for installing COW on your system. Once installed, run the client by typing "netrek-client-cow" in a terminal window.

Your distributionInstructions
Debiansudo apt install netrek-client-cow (see 1)
Ubuntusudo apt install netrek-client-cow (see 1)
FreeBSDpkg install netrek-client-cow
Mageiaurpmi netrek-client-cow
Debian, Ubuntu manual installation from .debFollow the COW .deb instructions at (2)
Not listed above,
give me a binary tarball
Try directions at (3)
I want to build from source codeFollow the source build directions at (4)