Default Netrek Commands

This is the way it is before you keymap it. All keymaps use this as its bassis for assigning new keys.

The form for Keymaps is: Keymap:aabbccdd
This is done in a new/old/new/old etc. format where the first "a" is the new key while the second "a" is the default key. Put your keymap in your netrekrc file.

a                                         A     
b    Bomb Planet                          B   Cycle->Galatic Map Planet Displays
c    Cloak/uncloak                        C
d    Detonate enemy Torp                  D   Detonate your own Torps
e    Toggle docking permission (sb only)  E   send generic distress call
f    Plasma torpedo                       F   send "armies carried" report
g                                         G   
h    help window                          H
i    information                          I   More Info.
j                                         J
k    set course.  (at mouse)              K
l    lock onto object (at mouse)          L   Players list
m    start sending message                M   Toggle Message Log
n                                         N   Toggle Long/shor Plnt Nms Tactical
o    orbit                                O   Options Window
p    phasers                              P   Planet Window
q    Quit Game quickly                    Q   Quit but read MOTD first
r    refit                                R   Enter Repair mode (wp=0, no shields)
s    shields                              S   Toggle Stats Window
t    torpedo                              T   Tractor Beam
u    shields                              U   Rank Window
v                                         V   Cycle-> Tactical Planet Display Opts.
w    change war declaration               W
x    beam down                            X   Enter Macro Mode
y    pressor beam                         Y
z    beam up                              Z
0    stop                                 )   warp 10
1    warp 1                               !   warp 11
2    warp 2                               @   warp 12
3    warp 3                               #   
4    warp 4                               $   turn tractor or pressor off
5    warp 5                               %   maximum warp
6    warp 6                               ^   pressor beam ON
7    warp 7                               &   Read "nifty" settings: netrekrc
8    warp 8                               *   send in Robot / transwarp to sb
9    warp 9                               (
-    request partial update               _   Tractor beam ON
=    request full update UDP              +   toggle UDP control window
[    shields down                         {   cloak ON
]    shields up                           }   cloak OFF
;    Lock onto Planet or Starbase         :   Read "Nifty" settings: netrekrc
'                                         "
,    Toggle Ping Stats                    <   Decrease Warp by one
.                                         >   Increase Warp by one
/    Toggle Lag window options            ?   Cycle -> Message window options
\    Player list: New/old format          |   Player list:  by # / by Name
~                                         `
Space: Turn off extra windows. (?)
^k   Toggle Keymap Display
^s   Macro Window
^x   Netrekrc window

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