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Telepolis began as a project, which had the change of the cities by cross-linking to the topic. “City at the net” was the first Special of on-line magazine and open from the review nearly already archaeological experiences and expectations from the time boom-ends Webs.
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From NetHack to Netrek
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Place 10: Netrek

[externally]  Netrek is a real time strategy play in a star Trek universe. The forerunners of the play are enough back into the year 1968. Up to 16 players begin in two teams over Internet against each other and fight for the supremacy in the galaxy. To be played can as federation, Romulaner, Klingonen or Orion. A goal of the play is the control of the galaxy. This takes place by means of the fact that all planets of the hostile group are conquered. Each player kommandiert a spaceship (of those it five different sizes gives). As weapons among other things torpedoes and Phaser are available, in addition camouflage devices.

In the Client the player in a window in third the strength of the opposing players and in fourth a political-military map of the galaxy sees his own ship and its environment, in second the information about its resources and its successes. A Chatfenster makes communication possible with players from the own team and with the opponent. Since information for player-follow a substantial role plays, a Netrek Slang with own contractions developed.

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